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World Goverment Summit 2018 had the best quote I heard in a while . . ."Travel as much as you can, even if is near by, somewhere new, get away from the place you are comfortable with and then look back at where you live with new eyes” - KEVIN KELLY - Founding Executive Editor of Wired.

It has been a while 2018 was so full of adventures and it has only been 3 months in 2019 and already had 3! Picture gallaries to come have some Trip Advisor post and if you are my friend on FB well you basically been to all these places in real time with me LOL

2018 was like . . .  
Last year’s first international trip was to Italy, my first time in Rome, Florence and the Naples region. It was Spring and it was nippy and the beginning of the busy season. The highlights were Vatican City and the Colosseum did a premium tour for both worth every dime.  Headed over to Pisa to see the leaning tower and over to Florence for a day tour, must go back for a dedicated vacation to these places preferably in the summer. Then over to Naples which itself is not very pretty is the conduit for the refugee immigration crisis in Europe nevertheless is also central to getting to Sorrento and the Amalifi Coast. Took a tour to Pompeii from here and Capri, there are so many other places down the coast worth a return trip. Might just stay in Sorrento this time, Naples was scary LOL

I had been to Portugal for a quick day trip in Fatima (2016, this time got to spend some sinful time in the coast known as the Algarve near Lagos (August 2019). The British influence was strong in this region Lagos felt like Euro-Miami. Now Lisbon is a culture spot where you can feel what the Portuguese are all about. 

Between these places on the same trip took a detour to Morocco my first time in Africa, yikes! Morocco is predominant Arab and you know what that means not very #metoo oriented. Read a bunch of blogs as to how to be safe as a female, thankfully was with other friends male/female. Did a layover in Casablanca (yeah like the movie) where we wanted to see the Hassan II Mosque. However turned out to be the religious holiday of Eid al-Adha. Google it, but what that meant was a very unique experience. Stayed in Marrakech in the Medina a scary place if you let it be. Had my first Hamman experience, hadn’t been bathed like that since I been a child. Toured the Atlas Mountains and did a camel ride, didn’t fall off so it was successful!

Last major trip of 2018 was Australia and New Zealand for my special birthday and got to see my first international JPMC office in Sydney. Since they speak English and they have similar infrastructure it was the least stressful trip from a planning perspective.

New Zealand has two islands and was formed similar to Hawaii and Iceland which means very rich fertile soil and geotherma energy. .lhello Polynesian Spa in Rotorua and a Maori cooked meal at Te Puia, geyser tour included. The highlight for me was visiting the Hobbit Movie set, yes is real and is beautiful. I stayed in Auckland (North Island) next time it will be the Queensland (South Island) where there is more to see and yes more Hobbit sets!

In Australia split my time in Sydney and Melbourne, I’m a total city dweller, I know that now so much to see didn’t see any wild Kangaroos . .next time. So much culture and arts both cities worth a return trip in a few years. Is tough because Australia is so large is like the U.S. so many great diverse places yet to see. The closest I got to the outback was the Blue Mountains in Katooma which was the most memorable they have their own amusement like spot called Scenic World.  

Spent time in Miami, Houston and a whole week in Austin. Mixed a bit of work and pleasure got to visit some of the sales offices of my business partners. All places I would visit again and again!

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First out the gate Vegas! (Jan 2019) It never gets old and didn't gamble at all that doesn't mean they didn't take my money, smh. Got hit up Tao (naked asia chicks), Magic Mike naked guys (kind of) was more of a live music video but I didn't feel cheated, Hyde the upscale nightclub at the Bellagio that was interesting and a show Mystere Cirque du Soleil. Never spend so much on food and drink but it was fun times with my bestie. By pure accident stayed at the former home of Star Trek hotel, nostalgia hit hard almost cried they had some left over fixtures.

Montreal in the province of Quebec (Feb 2019) is a very different experience than Montreal (July 2016) this place is beautiful in the Winter and Summer basically a different vacation. This time around spend much of the time in Mont-Tremblant with accommodation’s in the near-by (ish) town of Laval about an 1.5 hrs away. Living in Texas now I can appreciate the snow as a fun activity. The village at the bottom of Mont-Tremblant , it is out of a fairy-tale  book, just bundle up and if you are a Ski/Snowboard enthusiasts go early!

Short visit back to my hometown and work town in NYC and North Jersey (March 2019) would have been perfect if I didn’t lose my cell phone so sorry folks no pics. However did have a 2007 NYC commuter experience, no cell, following signs, asking people in the street and navigating with residual knowledge of my 7 years there; topped off with getting yelled at by a meth addict she called me ‘. . . a freak of nature’ after confronting me about looking/examining her and trying to bully her off her subway. Yes NYC miss you too!

Later this year back to NJ (May 2019) hello Atlantic City! Then South and Central Africa (July 2019), the only mission is to not get murdered or eaten by the locals and wildlife respectively or in any order, just want to make it back in one piece. Heading to Cape Town for a week (South Africa, yes that’s the name of the country) and then over to Tanzania near Arusha for safari and glam camping, wrapping it up in Zanzibar on the Indian Ocean which is very much like the Caribbean. As you may have figured out July is Winter time in Africa so it won’t be like the Caribbean at all.

May squeeze in another trip to Europe year end but not sure where yet so much to see so little cash and time. 2019-MAR-2019



Left to Right: Toronto, Edigburgh, Berlin and Athens