Welcome to GinaVera.com !

The site has been around since 2007, needed a refresh. This is a hobby, life and other hobbies take over!

It has been a whole year since I updated the Travel version of this site. Too busy relocating, new job and traveling monopolized. In 2017 visited ICELAND, GERMANY, ATHENS, SCOTLAND and BRUSSELS and traveled to CALIFORNIA for the first time. Note to self don't go to Palm Springs in the middle of the summer, San Francisco and San Diego requires a repeat visit. Partied in L.A. and took a trip to my favorite spots in the Vegas area Red Rock Valley and the Hoover Ham in NEVADA.

Next year should be a busy one as well is a very special birthday and haven't seen Asia, shame on me too in love with Europe. Regardless hopefully Australia and New Zeeland will work out in the fall. Spring brings Rome, Naples and Florence, been to ITALY but there just too many amazing cities to not see them all. Perhaps Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

I may not update this site on the regular but basically post live on social media. Follow me!


2017-12-30:Updates to the European countries web pages.


Left to Right: Toronto, Edigburgh, Berlin and Athens