Welcome to GinaVera.com ! The site has been around since 2007, needed a refresh. This is a hobby, life and other hobbies take over.

World Goverment Summit 2018 had the best quote I heard in a while . . ."Travel as much as you can, even if is near by, somewhere new, get away from the place you are comfortable with and then look back at where you live with new eyes” - KEVIN KELLY - Founding Executive Editor of Wired.

Is official Australia and New Zeeland booked for the Fall. Spring brings Rome, Naples and Florence, been to ITALY but there just too many amazing cities to not see them all. Perhaps a group trip to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. I may not update this site on the regular but basically post live on social media. Follow me! 2018-02-19



Left to Right: Toronto, Edigburgh, Berlin and Athens