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The visit to the Mexican Pyramids was great if the bus ride didn't make sick. If you ever take a trip be sure to be in shape before you go. We climbed the pyramids and them things had like a million steps. The view at the top however was worth it. We also toured some villages where we purchased Myan necklaces with our names in Myan. So if we ever lose our memories and there is a Myan handy he can tell us what our names are .

Chiche-Itza Map1

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Under the Water

The B.O.B. Breathing Oxygen Bubble was so cool! It was scary going in because they make you sign a document where you waive your right if something happens to you. Then we are getting ready and the guide tells us if we see a shark to form a circle around him to protect him! He might have been kidding but it makes you think twice. However after all thoughts go way and you start enjoying yourself is real fun. I was sick in the water on the boat but who cares it was fun. I didn't realize I was sea sick until this trip, wasn't before and been ever since.

Check Out You Tube video of other folks BOB experience.


Video from the tour, it was amazing riding around in an underwater bike, to this day I can't ride one on the ground so this was the next best thing.

Pictures from Under the sea, it was beautiful too bad with the on going enviromental issues sites like this are sure to be gone in the next ten to twenty years.

Isla Mujeres , Mexico

Isla De Las Mujeres

Fun Day

Isla De las Mujeres

We also took a short trip to the Isla Mujeres north of Cancun. It was fun viewed some Turtles, shopped in local stores. It was a half day trip we traveled there in a boat so that didn't work out to well since my motion sickness was in full gear. All in all we could of skipped it the trip and just hanged out the resort by the beach.

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