Travel - So many places not enough money and time! Started traveling internationally on a regular when I turned 30. Still need to see Asia Pacific, the major cities and metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Dubai and Mumbai. Only seen a fraction of all the must see places in Europe. Not a beach person but love nature and history visited places that hold these attributes.

Pop Culture – Movies, Concerts and Music. What else to do between trips! Total movie buff, as a child being a movie producer was my chosen profession. Life is life and given no natural talent to sing, dance or act, couldn’t be part of the industry. However when I watch or listen is with a critical eye on production value and novelty value.  Classics are great but want the latest and greatest in cinematography and technology is what peaks my interest.


Caldwell University – Master's in Business Administration
Montclair University – B.A. Business
Essex Country College – Associates Degree Computer Science
Certifications – Current – CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) – Past – NJ Insurance License, Securities License 6 & 63


After not being able to be in the entertainment industry my next love is computer programming. Tried to give it a shot getting an Associate’s Degree, got hooked in high school. That also didn’t work out but is a hobby now. I use my skills to code this site and post my interest. The site started before major social media existed (pre-MySpace) yeah that far back! Today sharing is easy however knowing that anything posted to a social media site becomes property of the hosting firm, it encourages me to keep this site. #controlfreak #dreamweaver