Blue Mountains National Park Hike - Got lucky nothing came out of the bush and try to eat me or kill me. Since everything is bigger Down Under! Click here for picture gallery Katoomba


Blue Mountains the Ride - Scenic World - It is a vast park as such this ride lets you see as much as you can but you can't see it all. Its like Disney Land minus the fake animals.


Sydney Downtown Sydney 2018

Taronga Zoo Sydney 2018

Latin Down Under - Kandy's Night Club - I was in Sydney for all of 10 hrs most of which I was sleeping after a 16 hour flight. However it was my special birthday and be damned if I was going to be sleeping. After a nice dinner on the harbor was ready to call it a night. Some of the spots were a bit too young. However walking to the hotel heard salsa and like moth to a flame found what people tell me is a rare Latino club. Two girls adopted me for the night and it was on! The best birthday present I could ask for on a solo trip half way around the world.



Kandy's Night Club.


City Views Sydney 2018