Chapter 3

array formula examples

counting and summing examples


named formulas

yearly calendar.

Chapter 4


Chapter 6

worksheet controls

Chapter 7

comment object

Chapter 8

timing test

Chapter 9

sheet sorter

Chapter 10

array argument

commission functions


extended date functions help

extended date functions

key press

month names

mysum function

no argument

remove vowels

upper case


windows directory

Chapter 11

celltype function

printer info

duplicate rows

date and time

hide rows and columns

inputbox demo

next empty cell

page count

sorting demo

Chapter 12

data form example

get directory

inputbox method

prompt for file

ribbon control names

VBA inputbox

Chapter 13

activex worksheet controls

all userform controls

get name and sex

spinbutton and textbox

spinbutton events

userform events

Chapter 14

listbox activate sheet

listbox fill

listbox item transfer


Chapter 15

progress indicator1

progress indicator2

progress indicator3

Chapter 16

simple undo demo


Chapter 17

budget pivot table

simple pivot table

survey data pivot tables

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

application event tracker

hide columns before printing

make formulas bold

no shortcut menus

onkey event demo

ontime event demo

validate entry1

validate entry2

validate entry3

workbook_beforeclose workaround

Chapter 20

personalized email - outlook (late binding)

personalized email - outlook

start calculator

Chapter 21

list add-in information

Chapter 22

ribbon modification

Chapter 23

add to cell shortcut

context-sensitive shortcut menu

make xl 2003 menus

shortcut with submenu

show shortcut menu items

show shortcut menu names

Chapter 24

Chapter 25


Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

csv class

keyboard class

Chapter 30

shape object colors

chart colors